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Global Modernities and the (Re-)Emergence of Ghosts

Are ghosts modern? It seems that modernization and spirituality do not contradict each other in most parts of the world. Animist beliefs and ghost rituals often form part of people’s everyday lives vis-à-vis a globalized economy. For them, the unpredictable forces of ‘the market’ correspond with the elusive world of spectral entities. Facing economic risk, flexibility, and precarity, people address the ghosts for protection and luck. This issue of 'Voices' will explore the interplay of economic and ritual practice, of everyday uncertainties and ghostly agency, of emerging modernities and (re-)emerging spiritualities.

Editorial team: Oliver Tappe, Andrea Hollington, Sinah Kloß, Tijo Salverda, Nina Schneider


Song of the Ghost in its Bamboo Cradle, by Erik Mueggler (University of Michigan) - Please consult Voices Issue 2/2016 for context information
Trailer - Fighting Spirits, by Barbara Meier (University of Münster, Germany) - Please consult Voices Issue 2/2016 for context information