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Co-Producing Knowledge


We view the co-production of knowledge through a methodological prism critical of conventional research practices that exploit historically marginalised people(s) and exclude the "researched" from the research process and the knowledge it produces. The underlying goal of our thematic research area is to include more diverse experiences, perspectives, and epistemologies in research process. Hence, we see horizontal collaboration as a step towards achieving this goal. We understand the co-production of knowledge as a process that brings together various actors (both human and more-than-human), accounts for different forms of knowledge, and works towards reducing power asymmetries and structural inequalities. In doing so, we adopt a decolonial approach to knowledge production.

Moreover, co-producing knowledge comprises the whole research process from defining the research goal, the research design, collection of data, to publishing and disseminating results. This poses significant challenges, among others, the current structures of project management (funding, mobility, etc.), but also the epistemological biases inherent in the academic system. Discussing experiences among ourselves as well as with others will enable us to develop inclusive and sustainable practices for collaboration and co-producing knowledge. 



• 12 June 2024: Public Lecture with Anne Dippel (University of Jena): Tuning the Vibes of Difference. On Harmonies and Dissonances in the Co-Production of Knowledge with Physicists

• Joint book project Tu Huynh (USA) together with Jonathan Ngeh and Michaela Pelican (publications planned for 2025)


Past Activities

• 16 April 2024: Book Launch "Stories of the Indian Immigrant Communities in Germany"

• 24-25 April 2024: Workshop "lnclusion and Symmetrical Participation in Knowledge Production".

• 23.01.2023: First meeting to discuss the ideas for the thematic area Co-Producing Knowledge and preparation of a short blurb for the GSSC Retreat in January 2023.

• 26.01.2023: Open meeting with discussions around a draft presented by Jonathan Ngeh and Michaela Pelican at GSSC Retreat at Leonardo Hotel. Elaboration of different dimensions of co-creating knowledge, collection of possible activities and
identification of potential institutions for networking in Germany (e.g., LeibnizZentrum Moderner Orient (ZMO) and Akademie der Künste der Welt (ADKDW)) and the Global South (e.g., Association Tunisienne pour Je Leadership /'Autodeveloppement
et Ja Solidarite (ATLAS).

• 04.05.2023: Follow-up meeting focusing on a possible GSSC workshop to gauge current experiences and fester new engagements with co-creating knowledge. 

• 16.06.2023: Meeting to discuss progress report, upcoming activities, agree on the name of the research thematic area and develop the wording for the blurb for the GSSC board and website.

• June 2023: Application for a GSSC funding to organise a workshop, "lnclusion and Symmetrical Participation in Knowledge Production," in Spring 2024 

• 23.10.2023: Meeting to discuss upcoming events, meeting format and frequency (about 3 times per semester, with 45 minutes for a group member and an invited guest/collaborator to present and discuss their project and 45 minutes for planning purposes, primarily for the workshop in spring).

• November 2023: Progress Report

• Spring 2024: “Some notes on the pitfalls of collaborative research: how do we justify with whom to collaborate (or not) and why?". Lecture by Mario Krämer.