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Multilingualism in the Global South (and beyond)

The so-called 'Global South' and the majority of the world is characterized by multilingualism, a multitude of linguistic practices, language ideologies and meta-linguistic discourses. But what does it mean to speak of multilingualism? What does the concept entail or imply with regard to societies of the 'Global South'? How does it feel to speak more than one language and to live in a multilingual society? How do people cope with and use linguistic diversity? How do societies deal with multilingualism on institutional levels? This issue of voices from around the world sheds light on the notion of 'multilingualism' from different angles and comprises contributors that express various readings of and ideas about the concept.

Editorial team: Andrea Hollington, Tijo Salverda, Oliver Tappe, Sinah Kloß, Nina Schneider


"Languaging without boundaries", documentary by Miriam Weidl and Andres Carvajal.