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Brazil within South-South Relations

ADLAF-Workshop (working group “Brazil in the global context”)

1-2 February 2024


After years of acting in extreme right international networks, if at all, Brazil has politically returned as an actor on the international stage. Relations across the ‘Global South’ take particular prominence, not only in state politics. Current debates in the humanities and social sciences pay attention to the social, cultural, ecological, and political entanglements and circulations between Brazilian localities and other southern locations on countless scales. While remaining open to a large array of questions and concerns, the workshop invites participants to address them through the lens of south-south relations.

Cross-cutting themes we deem of particular relevance in the current moment include:

  • populisms and extremisms
  • LGBT(TIQA+) rights
  • conviviality/inequality
  • decolonization and anti-colonial thought 
  • ecocriticism 
  • racism and anti-racist solidarity
  • resistance movements and activism/artivism