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Rewriting National History of Vietnam

Pham Hong Tung, Vietnam National University Hanoi

Since 2014, the Association of Vietnamese Historians has conducted a big project that aimed at re-writing Vietnamese national history. It was planned to publish a new version of Vietnamese history in the next years in form of a book series of 25 volumes and a large chronicle of 5 volumes.

In his presentation, Prof. Pham Hong Tung will introduce the project. He also deals with several important issues concerning the philosophy and methodology of writing national history. Vietnamese historiography and discussions among Vietnamese and foreign historians on many problems of the Vietnamese history will be examined as well. Re-writing national history for Vietnamese, as well as other people in the world, is therefore a way of re-defining their national identity and self-imagination.   


July 3, 2019


Global South Studies Center
R. 3.03 (third floor)
50931 Köln