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Young Voices: Envisioning Sustainable Futures

Online Roundtable Discussion


Faced with the global ecological crisis and apocalyptic predictions of the future, many young people are committed to standing up for alternative ways of life. This roundtable discussion brings together four young activists from different parts of the world who are all inspired to build more just, caring and sustainable futures.

Esther Atem, from the Karamojong Development Forum in Uganda, Tehersiana Duyung from the Institut Dayakologi in Indonesia, Vivien Hoffmann from Students for Future in Germany and Nutdanai Trakansuphakon from the Pgakenyaw Association for Sustainable Development in Thailand will engage in a dialogue over their respective vision of the future, which drives them forward. We will then discuss what constitutes a "good life" and a "green future" in the respective context of the different activists. Further, we look at the challenges that need to be overcome in order to realize their visions, both locally and globally. What common goals and methods can be identified? How can we – as activists, scholars or committed citizens – collectively strive for a more sustainable way of life and support each other, although we are located in very different places and environments?

For registration please contact Michaela Haug (mhaugSpamProtectionuni-koeln.de) or (Sabine Schielmann (sabineSpamProtectioninfoe.de)