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Transregional Museum and Heritage Studies


The thematic field “Transregional Museum and Heritage Studies” emerged from an intense discussion among members of the Faculty of Humanities about suggestions for new interdisciplinary professorships (“Atelierprofessuren”). Projects and initiatives surrounding museum and heritage studies have been on-going since a longer time at the faculty, and the competition for new professorships offered the opportunity to bundle interests across academic subjects and interests. After the approval of the new professorship “Transregional Museum and Heritage Studies” by the faculty in 2022, it has been suggested during the GSSC meeting on 26 January 2023 that the field be visibly established as one of the key areas for the future of the GSSC. While similar initiatives are being launched at other universities in Germany, the specific profile in Cologne places a focus on perspectives on museums and heritage from the global south.

A range of activities has been undertaken during the summer semester 2023 that are designed to develop the field in Cologne. The hiring committee for the professorship “Transregional Museum and Heritage Studies” has convened and is currently reviewing key publications of relevant applicants. A short list of invited candidates will be compiled by the end of the summer semester. The interviews are scheduled for October 2023. The successful candidate should ideally take up the position by the beginning of the winter semester 2024/2025. The hiring process is a work-intensive and important platform for shaping the future of the field as the successful candidate is meant to channel dynamics at the faculty.