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Concepts of the Global South

Where and what is the Global South? In everyday parlance and mass media, Global South has hardly become a household term. In academic and (global) policy circles, though, the term is used with much more gusto. Politicians refer to it. The United Nations organize their statistical data in accordance with the term. Academics write books about it - or, as in our case, explicitly include the term in the name of a research center: Global South Studies Center. But what does the term entail? Who uses it and why? And what are the implications of marking distinctions between the Global South and the Global North?

Editorial team: Andrea Hollington, Tijo Salverda, Tobias Schwarz, Oliver Tappe


On the term "Global South", Interview with Prof. Dr. Barbara Potthast (University of Cologne / GSSC)

On the term "Global South", Interview with Prof. Dr. Boike Rehbein (Humboldt-Universität)