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Living Wages and Living Incomes in Fair Supply Chains? A Critical Review of the Concept


7. - 9. September 2021

The Living Wages and Living Incomes approach is supposed to contribute to poverty reduction, environmental sustainability, and social justice. Despite its high social relevance, scientific research in German-speaking countries has thus far paid little attention to this approach. Meanwhile, the Fair Trade movement has made the payment of Living Wages and Living Incomes a core political demand. Can Living Wages and Living Incomes help to create sustainable livelihoods for workers and smallholding farmers in countries that produce key primary commodities? This conference aims to foster inter- and transdisciplinary dialogue and exchange on the topic. We will focus on two core aspects: (1) Methodologies for determining Living Wages and Living Incomes, and (2) experiences and challenges in defining and implementing these concepts. Approaching this topic not only requires an interdisciplinary scientific approach, but also transdisciplinary exchanges about how, and under what conditions, the payment of fair prices and just wages can be guaranteed, as well as challenges that may arise in the process. Therefore, this conference seeks to bring together experts involved in scientific research, practical policy implementation, and political movements to discuss these questions and to identify further perspectives in need of further investigation and development. The conference will be held virtually via Zoom, which is the University of Cologne's tool for collaborative work. The event will held in English and will be recorded.

Organised by:
Global South Studies Center (GSSC)
Competence Center Fair Trade, University of Cologne
TransFair e.V.

Virtual via Zoom

Alexander Augsten

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