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Jugend in Südostasien

28. Juni 2019, 10-15 Uhr
In this workshop we will assess the aspirations and lifestyles of young people in Mainland Southeast Asia, particularly Vietnam. We will address the challenges and possibilities offered by late socialism both in urban and rural areas. In his account of young people navigating in a precarious urban environment, Simone (2019: 30) outlines the practice of crafting: “In crafting there is the recognition of a sought-for instrumentality, of the ability to accomplish something through composition, through piecing together different styles, influences, and skills to gain access to specific opportunities." Young people oftentimes combine different sources of income and knowledge acquisition, while being at the same time part of multiple communities of practice. In the workshop we will look closely at young people’s practices of crafting in the context of rapid socioeconomic change.

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Sandra Kurfürst, Universität zu Köln
Global South Studies Center
Pham Hong Tung, Vietnam National University Hanoi

Global South Studies Center
Classen-Kappelmann-Str. 24
50931 Köln, Raum 3.03