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CRC "Future Rural Africa" Training Workshop

Oral Histories and Archival Sources for African Studies

This training workshop with International Faculty Professor David Anderson (University of Warwick) will introduce archival sources and historical methods for African Studies to scholars with limited experience of conducting historical research. The workshop will provide an introduction to historical research methods in both fieldwork and in documentary archival research. The course will firstly introduce the variety of methods applied in conducting field interviews with informants, and advise upon the choice of methods in differing circumstances and with reference to the requirements of differing disciplines and alternative forms of evidence. The course will also explain and describe the organisation of both state and non-state archives, focusing on examples from eastern and southern Africa, and provide practical guidance on accessing, utilising, and referencing sources from these archive collections. The course is suitable for all doctoral students, and more advanced post-doctoral researchers, who are planning to undertake research in Africa that will involve the use of historical sources.

Organized by
Global South Studies Center
CRC 228 Future Rural Africa

Global South Studies Center
Classen-Kappelmann-Str. 24
3rd floor, Room 3.15        

Luzia Heinzelmann,
Registration required by February 15, 2019