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Re-Mapping World Literature.
Estéticas, Mercados y Epistemmogoías entre América Latina y el Sur Global

The dynamics of a (western) center and a (southern) periphery play a decisive role in the current debate on the origin processes of World Literature: On the one hand, such dynamics – which have evolved throughout history and are orientated towards the power centers of the publishing industry – still have a lasting effect on the research; on the other hand, demands for a change in perspective are becoming increasingly stronger. For world literature from Latin America this has the following consequence: It is not only the traditional research of Latin American literatures with regard to its transatlantic relations to Europe and the relationships within America to its northern neighbors that belongs on the center stage. Further illumination is necessary on literary relationships beyond established lines of thinking and perspectives which established themselves outside of the traditional coordinates in the past and/or are still expanding at present: What is it that connects Latin American literatures with other literatures of the Global South? How can a new compass for world literary navigation be found which is not primarily orientated by the known poles and meridians?


Gesine Müller
Jorge Locane
Benjamin Loy


Reading Global. Constructions of World Literature and Latin America (Consolidator Grant of the European Research Council ERC)

Global South Studies Center (GSSC)