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Barbara Potthast, Department of History
Michael Bollig, Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology
Sabine Damir-Geilsdorf, Department of Oriental Studies
Thomas Widlok, Institute for African Studies and Egyptology
Sandra Kurfürst, Institute of South Asian and Southeast Asian Studies
Boris Braun, Institute of Geography


Björn Ahl, Inst. of East Asian Studies
Sarah Albiez-Wieck, Department of History
Amelie Bernzen, Institute of Geography
Anja Bettenworth, Department of Classics
Christiane Bongartz, Department of English
Susanne Brandtstädter, Social & Cultural Anthro.
Carsten Butsch, Institute of Geography
M. Dores Cruz, African Studies
Peter Dannenberg, Institute of Geography
Gerrit J. Dimmendaal, Inst. for African Studies
Alexander Follmann, Institute of Geography
Martina Fuchs, Dept. of Economic & Social Geo.
Markus Gamper, Comp. Education Research
Sonja Gipper, Dept. of Linguistics
Clemens Greiner, Social & Cultural Anthropology
Michaela Haug, Dept. of Social & Cultural Anthro.
Nikolaus P. Himmelmann, Dept. of Linguistics
Kirk Junker, Chair of US-American Law
Sinah Kloß, Morphomata International Center
Frauke Kraas, Institute of Geography
Franz Krause, Dept. of Social & Cultural Anthro.
Ulrike Lindner, Department of History
Gesine Müller, Dept. of Romance Studies
Michaela Pelican, Dept. of Soc. & Cultur. Anthro.
Javier Revilla Diez, Institute of Geography
Martin Rössler, Dept. of Social & Cultural Anthro.
Mario Schmidt, Dept. of Social & Cultural Anthro.
Peter W. Schulze, Dept. of Romance Studies
Anne Storch, Inst. for African Studies
Felix Wemheuer, Inst. of East Asian Studies
Roberta Zavoretti, Social & Cultural Anthro.
Martin Zillinger, Dept. of Social & Cultural Anthro.