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About the Global South Studies Center

The Global South is characterized by rapid socioeconomic, cultural, and political change whose impacts are felt throughout the world. Typical signs of these upheavals include increasing economic interconnectedness, growing social inequality, and the destruction of natural ecosystems. Those countries worst affected by such upheavals have long been labelled  as ‘underdeveloped’ countries from a northern perspective. The GSSC aims to investigate and highlight the manifold causes and consequences of these transformative processes.

Disciplines active in the Global South have often been hampered by an area-specific or narrow disciplinary approach that is not capable of tracing connections between continents, in particular the possibilities and prospects for South-South relations. The center seeks to overcome these multiple divides by focusing on processes of mobility and exchange that result in translocal connectivities. The respective members of the GSSC do not conceptualize the Global South as defined by clear spatial boundaries, but rather as an emergent topography of historically evolving and overlapping networks of exchange, dominance, exclusion, and identity ascriptions. In this vein, researchers at the GSSC question perceived geographies and further our understanding of how global transitions, networks, inequalities, and aspirations are made.

A key focus of the GSSC consists in close cooperation with partners from countries across the Global South to promote research that is not only interdisciplinary but also involves multiple stakeholders. The center regards itself as an incubator for innovative research projects that also offers a supportive academic environment for junior researchers.

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