Research projects-Overview

project Department Region
Ambivalente Bilder: Fotos und Bildpostkarten aus Südamerika History Latin America
Home, Boundaries and Translocal Connectedness in Russia’s Exclave of Kaliningrad Department of Cultural and Social Anthropology Europe
International Teaching and Research Collaboration Department of Cultural and Social Anthropology
Out of the Americas: Sklavenhändler und Hidden Atlantic im 19. Jahrhundert History Latin America
Resilience, Collapse and Reorganisation in the Social-Ecological Systems of Southern and Eastern African Savannahs Department of Cultural and Social Anthropology Africa
Adaptation and Creativity in Africa – Technologies and Significations in the Production of Order and Disorder Department of Cultural and Social Anthropology Africa
Human Mobilitiy, Networks and Institutions in the Management of Natural Resources in Contemporary Africa Department of Cultural and Social Anthropology Africa
Re-Islamisation between state influences and gobal muslim networks Institute for Geography Asia
Changing gender roles in Sub-Saharan horticultural family farming Institute for Geography Africa
Wirtschaftsgeographische Potentialanalyse ausgewählter Regionalstädte in Myanmar Institute for Geography Asia (Myanmar)
Das Städtesystem von Myanmar im Transformationsprozess: Sozio-ökonomische Bestandsanalyse der Städte Myanmars Institute for Geography Asia (Myanmar)
Konzeption, Implementierung u. Evaluation einer Gesundheitsberichterstattung im urbanen Indien am Beispiel der indischen Megastadt Pune Institute for Geography Asia (India)
Patterns of migrant community formation in China's megaurban Pearl River Delta (PRD) Institute for Geography Asia (China)
Location Atlas of Myanmar Institute for Geography Asia (Myanmar)
Regional agility in the wake of crisis: Towards a new growth model in the Greater Pearl River Delta? Institute for Geography Asia (China)
Multi-lingual communication and social diversification: Urbanization and Language Change in Gulu, Northern Uganda Institute for African Studies and Egyptology Africa (Uganda)
The Embeddedness of Global Value Chains - Assessing the Institutional Context of Value Chain Restructuring in the Cashew Industries of India and Ivory Coast Economic and Social Geography