Academic Writing in Global South Studies

Monday, July 20, 2015 to Friday, July 24, 2015

The Institute of Geography in Cologne is going to host a 5-day international Summer School on the topic "Academic Writing in Global South Studies" for 18 selected international and German doctoral candidates from 20 to 24 July 2015.

The public presentations are open to all interested Master students and Doctoral candidates of the University of Cologne:

Monday (20.7.)
9:30: Welcome Address, Prof. Dr. Peter Dannenberg (Head of the Institute)

10:00: Presentation on: "How to receive a PhD at the Graduate School of Geosciences (GSGS)", Dr. Amelie Bernzen

11:00: Presentation on: "Writing a Doctoral Thesis at the University of Cologne as an International Scholar", Saskia Pfeiffer and Dr. Sonja Lück (AMGC)

13:00: Presentation on: "Good Scientific Practice", Dr. Amelie Bernzen

Wednesday (22.7.)
10:30: Presentation on: "Research Applications", Prof. Dr. Peter Dannenberg

11:15: Presentation on: "Scholarships", t.b.a.

13:00: Presentation on: "Scientific Papers and Publication Strategies", Dr. Amelie Bernzen

14:00: Presentation on: "Academic Writing in the Anglo-American science system", Dr. Christine Bonnin (University College Dublin)

Those presentations will focus on how to receive a PhD at the University of Cologne, how to apply for research funding and scholarships, how to manage publication strategies, and how to write scientific papers. So if you would like to participate please register with: Janina Windmüller (j.windmueller [at]
The Summer School is funded within the IPaK-Programme of the DAAD and by the Graduate School of Geosciences (GSGS).