Panel 10: Integrating Epistemologies

Panel Time: 
Friday, June 9, 2017 - 10:30 to 13:00


Andrea Hollington, GSSC


This panel seeks to present fresh looks on ways of integrating knowledges and approaches into academic practices and education. Despite an increasing acknowledgement of epistemological pluralism especially in critical discourses such as postcolonial or subaltern studies, knowledge production on a global scale is still dominated by Western-based hegemonic academia. Other knowledges and epistemologies, while partly acknowledged and even desired, are still being ‘othered’ as ‘alternative knowledges’ or ‘indigenous knowledges’. Non-Western approaches are not treated on a par with the established paradigms of Western academia, let alone being integrated into knowledge and paradigm production practices. Numerous instances of ‘epistemic silencing’ and ‘othering knowledges’ testify to the need to take epistemological pluralism serious and find ways to integrate non-Western and often potentially paradigm-shattering approaches. This will inevitably involve a critical reflection of our paradigms and concepts in their historical context.