Panel 9: Continuities and Long-Term Tendencies Delimiting the Global South (Roundtable)

Panel Time: 
Thursday, June 8, 2017 - 14:30 to 17:00


Stefanie Gänger, GSSC
Thomas Widlok, GSSC


In this panel we seek bring together scholars with an expertise in the long term continuities and changes that affect what we now call the Global South. We ask them to consider what makes the "Global South" different from both, the South as it was previously conceptualized (statically) as "the Third World in the south" and from other "globalized places" around the world. We are inviting contributions that explore the long-term continuities and tendencies that can be identified against the rapid flow of changes triggered by current globalization.


  • Regina Grafe, University Institute, Firenze, Italia
  • Ulrike Schaper, Freie Universität Berlin, Fachbereich Geschichts- und Kulturwissenschaften, Friedrich-Meinecke-Institut
  • Christoph Antweiler, Institut für Orient- und Asienwissenschaften (IOA), Abteilung Südostasienwissenschaft, Universität Bonn
  • Obert Mlambo, University of Zimbabwe, GSSC
  • Ulrike Lindner, GSSC