Panel 4: Literatures and Arts

Panel Time: 
Thursday, June 8, 2017 - 10:30 to 13:00


Sandra Kurfürst, GSSC
Gesine Müller, GSSC


Circulation processes of literature and art in the Global South are a phenomenon that has been immersed into highly-dynamic contemporary processes while retaining fundamental historical structures which are still largely unexplored. The panel aims at illuminating both of these aspects to the same degree. The central question here is to what degree various direct exchanges between the different regions of the Global South emerge – especially with regard to the level of artistic production. These exchanges stand out by the fact that they circumvent the established centers of mediation and selection in the North. In this sense, for example, transatlantic relationalities between Brazil and Africa can just as well be integrated as can worldwide relationships between archipelagos and islands such as the Caribbean and Mauritius, transpacific connections between the neighboring regions of East Asia and Latin America as well as transnational co-operation between Asia, Africa and Latin-America. These geographic overlaps can be assessed for almost all forms of artistic production and all media connected to it – they range from literature and fine arts to music, film and other physically palpable forms of expression such as clothing and furniture. The examination of exchange and transformation of forms of the aesthetic within the Global South is attributed the same significance as is the question concerning the specific institutions and persons actively involved who facilitate and control the respective processes. Something beyond the concrete analysis of such constellations that remains to be investigated is to what degree the art and/or the literatures of the Global South can be seen as a fundamental form of reflection and production of a specifically “southern” kind of knowledge. This is why the panel should attribute special attention to the examination of these epistemological potentials within the medium of the aesthetic.