Panel 3: Transforming Peri-Urban Ecologies

Panel Time: 
Thursday, June 8, 2017 - 10:30 to 13:00


Carsten Butsch, GSSC
Peter Dannenberg, GSSC
Alexander Follmann, GSSC
Frauke Kraas, GSSC


Urbanization is among the most powerful processes currently affecting the societies of the Global South. This transformation process alters not only the physical landscapes but also societal systems. The place where this transformation is actually happening is the peri-urban. In these loci of change processes in several layers overlap, therefore peri-urban ecologies are marked by dynamic land-use changes and social-ecological transitions.

The panel investigates these dynamics from three perspectives: First, land-use changes and development pressures on (former) agricultural land will be discussed. Second, the changing role of peri-urban areas as ecosystem service provider for urban areas (mainly agricultural production) will be addressed. Third, the societal change resulting from these transformations will be examined. Combined these three perspectives will contribute to understanding of the agriculture-urbanization nexus.

The guiding questions of the panel are: Which transformation processes can be observed in peri-urban agriculture? Which processes take place in various dimensions in the urbanization processes of urban fringes in different stages of the urban transition? In how far do new forms of urban agriculture emerge, induce societal change and affect the urbanization process?


David Simon (University of London)