Study and research visits for graduate and junior researchers
Our programme offers both structured and individual long-term exchanges: Among the structured exchanges are “long summer schools” (longer-period equivalent of field schools) for a limited number of incoming and outgoing students. Individual student exchanges are supervised by the lead scholars of the respective TRA. They are designed to allow the (PhD) students to do empirical and/or archival research for their thesis and discuss their work with supervisors and senior academic staff at the partner universities. We will strive in the course of this thematic network to increase the number of co-supervised (sandwich) MA and PhD thesis.

Short and long visits of university personnel
Short and long term visits of professors and senior researchers are mainly geared to the preparation and actual teaching of field schools (see above). In some cases, preparatory classes will be taught on a short-term basis (up to 14 days), in other cases, this will happen in longer visits (2-4 months). In addition to that, a limited number of professors and senior researchers will travel to strengthen cooperation, as well as teaching and research which is not directly linked to field schools.