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The Urban Fringe Transforming: Peri-Urban Dynamics & Agricultural Transformations


The aim of the workshop is to investigate transformation processes at the urban fringe of the Global South from two perspectives. First, we will look land-use changes and socio-economic transformation processes in (former) agricultural areas. Second, we will look at changes in peri-urban agricultural production and associated environmental impacts. Combining these two perspectives will contribute to a better understanding of the agriculture-urbanization nexus and address the questions of driving forces, actors and processes.

The guiding question for the first perspective are:

Which processes take place in various dimensions in the urbanization processes of urban fringes in different stages of the urban transition?

Which path dependencies can be identified that narrow down urban futures?

The guiding questions for the second perspective are:

Which transformation processes can be observed in peri-urban agriculture?In how far do the new possibilities of urban agriculture induce societal change and affect the urbanization process and the environment?

The discussion in the workshop’s synthesis will bring both perspectives together. This concluding session will shed some light on the question, which challenges arise from the (increasing?) entanglements between cities and their fringe areas. Aim of the session is to investigate, which processes are currently the most important ones regarding their transformative potential. Based on this, areas of high topicality and importance will be highlighted for future investigation.


15.11. Public Lecture (-17:45)

Urbanization and Food Security in N