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The Global South Studies Center (GSSC) Cologne was established at the University of Cologne in 2014 as part of the German Excellence Initiative. It brings together research expertise within the University of Cologne in relation to Africa, Asia and Latin America and promotes interdisciplinary cooperation with leading researchers in Germany and abroad. The member scientists conduct research into social, economic, political and cultural change in the countries of the Global South. Disciplines linked into the network include Geography, Social and Cultural Anthropology, History, Sociolinguistics, Latin American History, Romance Philology, Southeast Asian Studies, Islamic Studies, Modern Chinese Studies and African Studies.

Thematic focus "Inequality"

Inequality underlies our world order - current and historical. Since colonialism at the latest, the prosperity of a few has been based on the exploitation of many others. Global structures of inequality shape most areas of human existence: how we live together, how we work, what we consume, who is allowed to travel and who must flee. In the context of the thematic focus “Inequalities”, the GSSC opens critical perspectives on various aspects of global structures of inequality with a series of events.

Find the series of events here.

Research Areas at the GSSC

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